Run Now Wine Later - Marathon + Half-Marathon [Corkscrew Medal]

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It's time to RUN NOW and enjoy WINE LATER! Complete a Half Marathon or Marathon, grab your favorite bottle or red or white, and get ready to meet your new favorite megamedal. This is the ultimate wine lover's finisher medal: it's a bottle stopper, a bottle opener,  a corkscrew, and it features a detachable wine charm that celebrates your 13.1 or 26.2! 

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Huge 6" Finisher Medal + Wine Charm!

What Is A Virtual Run?

A Virtual Run is about being healthy, having fun, and accomplishing your personal goals. It's a race that you can run, walk, treadmill, or bike from any location you choose and receive a finisher's medal. It gives you the freedom to run your own route and the ability to be a part of something special. 

How To Submit Your Time

Complete the Run Now Wine Later Virtual Run then submit your time to the Virtual Run Facebook Group or use #VirtualRunDotCom on Instagram!