Run Now Wine Later - Marathon + Half-Marathon [Corkscrew Medal]

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It's time to RUN NOW and enjoy WINE LATER! Complete a Half Marathon or Marathon, grab your favorite bottle or red or white, and get ready to meet your new favorite megamedal. This is the ultimate wine lover's finisher medal: it's a bottle stopper, a bottle opener,  a corkscrew, and it features a detachable wine charm that celebrates your 13.1 or 26.2! 

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Huge 6" Finisher Medal + Wine Charm!

What Is A Virtual Run?

A Virtual Run is about being healthy, having fun, and accomplishing your personal goals. It's a race that you can run, walk, treadmill, or bike from any location you choose and receive a finisher's medal. It gives you the freedom to run your own route and the ability to be a part of something special. Join the Run Now Wine Later Virtual Marathon today!

How To Submit Your Time

Complete the Run Now Wine Later Virtual Run then submit your time to the Virtual Run Facebook Group or use #VirtualRunDotCom on Instagram!