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Runner's High: What is it and why is it a good thing?

By Ebony McCray January 11, 2021 0 comments

Runner's High - Virtual Run -

Experienced runners crave it. Beginners can't wait to experience it. What is runner's high? To put it simply, it is that sense of accomplishment, that euphoric feeling you get when your body and mind attune after intense physical exercise. Running is a unique physical activity because it involves cardio, endurance, and even psychological motivation. The feeling you get when you accomplish your running goals can release endorphins, which are hormones secreted naturally by the brain. These are responsible for happiness and pleasure, and they come with a sense of fulfilment and reward concerning your running achievements.

Experiencing runner's high can also help people improve their performance since this feeling unlocks various other perks. With runner's high, athletes often report feeling more impervious to pain and anxiety. Runner's high experienced regularly could also be responsible for improving a person's immune system and flexibility.

How can you achieve runner's high?

There is no set method to achieve runner's high because it usually depends on each runner. Some experienced runners might need to keep going for several miles before they can ultimately get to that point. Beginners who are still building their form and endurance might get to that point a little bit quicker. This is because running kickstarts a process of endorphin release as described above. However, the time it takes for the endorphin rush to kick, to the point you experience a running high, might differ from person to person.

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