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Forever Fitness: Starting From The Ground Up

By Caleb Bacon July 20, 2020 0 comments

Dwayne Martin returned from overseas in 2005. Armed with goals and grit, he sought out to become a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. "If you believe in something and work hard enough then you can achieve it," he said. 

Dwayne even decided to work as a fitness attendant so he could learn more while interacting with a diverse group of people. He wanted to absorb as much as he could in order to be as effective as possible along his journey (a value he learned from his time in the service.) "We may receive the education in our field but there is nothing like experience and sometimes lessons can be taught by those we least expect," he said. He learned the do's and do-nots and felt it made him a better trainer, instructor, business owner and a person in general because of it.

Western Pennsylvania's Forever Fitness started in 2016 with a diverse group, united by the love of fitness. But before that, it started with Dwayne, who returned from overseas in 2015. Dwayne used this experience to bring others together and Forever Fitness was started.  Forever Fitness’s core value is family and other values he adopted from the military. "We look out for one another in their time of need" he said.

In 2018 Forever Fitness grew from a fitness center to a health club. The goal of the new upgraded organization was to everyone, all fitness levels alike. That is where the idea of a category for runners came to surface, the Forever Fitness 1st Annual 5K is the start of that category. This will be Forever Fitness’s first run but not their last. These runs will help jumpstart the values of our establishment and keep it “running”. These runs are to not only grow the business’s brand but to help others in need.

Forever Fitness is about family and selfless service, one of the many values instilled into our business. The runs are a special addition towards the business because 50% of the proceeds will all go to other business/foundations in need which will bring everyone together for a common cause. It will bring people and communities together as one, making us a unit with great team building events. As once a group which turned into a family and is now an establishment, Forever Fitness has grown and will continue to grow with each race. Many may not understand but a race is more than about running but also a stress reliever for the participant as well, releasing endorphins which changes your receptor levels and affecting your mood. We are grateful for every race created and each participant signing up in our health center’s races. 

The Forever Fitness Virtual 5K was started by the founder of Forever Fitness, Dwayne Martin.


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