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Running Affirmations

By Ebony McCray January 06, 2021 0 comments

Running Affirmations - Virtual Run -

Running is empowerment.

Before I begin a run, I prepare mentally. I pre-determine goals. I plan to improve my distance, time, or pace. Running challenges my physical and mental stamina.

I maintain focus throughout. Distractions affect my ability to succeed. I concentrate on the path ahead of me, my pace, and each breath. I move closer to my goal with each step.

When the run is over, I am exhausted, but I feel great because I have given by best effort and completed something. I note my progress and consider where adjustments might be beneficial. Each time I run, I reinforce my mental strength.

Running teaches me resilience and perseverance. I overcome obstacles in my path and my mind.

The practices I employ for running affect every facet of my life. At work, I possess an increased focus on each task I undertake. Foresight is an acquired behavior. I set clear goals and identify the path to completing them. I know that each task I complete is a step closer to achievement.

My work ethic is noticed by others. They recognize my ability to overcome challenges. I have a positive influence in the work environment. I take new responsibilities and I run with them.

Today, I plan to push myself further. I like testing my limits, and I frequently discover that they are still expanding.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What other exercises can test my physical and mental stamina?
  2. How do I cope with not meeting my goals?
  3. Would running with others push my limits farther?

What do you run for? One of my favourite runs I did in the past was The 2021 Resolution Run: a virtual race aimed at keeping you on track with your goals for that year. I filled in my purpose for running on this Resolution Run Medal and bib.  Run for yourself. Run for your health. Run to connect with family. Run to make new friends. Run for pizza, or beer, or ice cream. Whatever you run for, run for it with gusto.

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